"I find that each image has a story, sometimes obvious and other times hidden. My goal is to bring that story to life, to give a viewer reason to pause and be touched by a thought, a memory or an emotion."

Karen makes her images into her own creations through camera techniques and digital manipulation allowing her to have control of the image to express mood and emotion. Among her main photographic interests are nature and the way in which humans fit into and alter the natural world. Often using the landscape, she builds images that hold a story, a feeling or a suggestion of human connection to parts of nature that we might take for granted. She infuses her work with the unseen – often touching on the psychological or emotional and sometimes the ethereal. There is a human presence in each of the images, which is often implied rather than obvious.

For further information about the artist or her images, please contact her by email at klkimages@earthlink.net.

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